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Musical listening from Lateral audio

We are very passionate about the possibilities of audio systems, and creating the most enjoyable and musical performances from a home audio system. Ultimately the loudspeaker is the open door and after much research we have found that JM-Reynaud loudspeakers of France are capable of producing one of the finest sounds available, and across a wide product & price range too. They have the ability to present a soundstage which is natural and dynamic, rendering a performance that has its emphasis on music.

System balance is always the essential ingredient and this is where we search for audio products that offer a unique combination for customers whose aim is to hear 'the music'.

Latest news

JMR Bliss our thanks to HiFi+ where the editor Alan Sircom enthusiastically reviews Bliss in the January 2024 issue. Reviewed for the first time in the UK Alan introduces readers to the wonderful ability of the Bliss stand mount loudspeaker.
Hear them at the forthcoming Audio Deluxe show at Whittlebury March 23rd & 24th. in the Willowtree audio room.



Latest News.

Sept 23 - Integral stands display with Renaissance audio at the Ascot 23 audio show.

Jan 24- JMR Bliss with HiFi+ for review. This £2.1k standmount speaker is highly engaging and musically enjoyable.